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with Perri Blake Gorman

This is 5 week home study course with optional live classes.  

It includes:

  • Lifetime private online support community
  • Weekly workbook and lessons
  • 5x 90 minute recorded live calls
Hurry! Space is Limited!
Do you want a greater sense of peace and personal power in your life?

Get clear on where all your time and energy is going so you can direct it towards what is most important to you

Understand your True Desires and what is blocking you from having them

Learn to find love and approval for the parts of you that are no longer serving you and give them a new job

Learn how to reprioritize your life based on what feels good as opposed to the "shoulds"

Create a personalized action oriented plan that fosters your continued growth
Program Outline
    Lesson One : Mastering Your Energy, Your Boundaries & Your Time

In the first lesson, you will be given some simple but powerful exercises to get a sense of how you spend your time and energy. In doing so we will also assess your boundaries with yourself as well as with others.

Knowing where are energy is directed is the first step toward inner peace!

  • A Map of where your attention goes
  • A clear understanding of how different activities in your life make you FEEL
  • Understanding of what keeps you stuck
    Lesson Two : Deconstructing Desire - Understanding the Motivations that                               Create Your Current Experience

Once we unlock energy in Lesson One, we need to get clear on where we are going to direct it!

In the second lesson, we will look at your relationship with desire and manifestation.  We will use the Desire Formula to deconstruct desires, underlying motivations, fears, beliefs and blocks that prevent you from fully connecting with the deepest core truth within your being.

  • Specific insights into the "why" you want things
  • Insight into your fears and beliefs that create your current reality
  • Discovery of your true deepest desires
    Lesson Three : Getting Nakedly Honest - Making Friends With Your                                          Shame, Fear, Manipulation, & Inner Critic

Looking at ourselves honestly is one of the most liberating human experiences. In this lesson we will look at our patterns and less than attractive behaviors.  This is actually an essential part of authentic self-love.  Loving ourselves is not always kittens and rainbows. Sitting with yourself and loving yourself in places that are dark and ugly is part of "staying with yourself".  There is a world of healing to be had in this lesson.

  • Self forgiveness
  • Reframing of negative patterns and behaviors
  • How to sit with yourself in the dark
    Lesson Four : Re-Evaluating "Shoulds" & Prioritizing Pleasure

How do you want to spend your life? How do you want your life to feel? We will pick up our audit from Lesson One and start reprioritizing.  We will do exercises and practical life research to practice this new way of living.  

  • Experience a sense of moving from a grounded peaceful place
  • Set up a practice of putting "YOU" first
    Lesson Five : Rebuilding Practices In Alignment of Your Deeper Truth

In this last lesson, we will help you structure your own set of customized practices to leave the course with that will set the path for you to keep coming back to yourself and deepening your sense of intimacy with yourself.

  • Have a personal practice plan for continued growth
  • Feel overall more deeply connected with yourself and others
Additional Details
Live class dates (not required to attend)
 Thursdays August 25, Sept 1, 8, 15, 22
5:00-7:00 pm PST
 Lifetime access to private Slack community chat thread
Text coaching with Perri on the thread during Office Hours
Transformational Guarantee
If you do all the exercises, and watch/attend all the classes and you do not feel like you have had any significant shifts, Perri will coach you for FREE!
What people are saying about PRESENCE....

"And next up from Perri: self-love. Something I think gets misunderstood A LOT. Self-love doesn’t just mean treating yourself to a mani pedi. It means cutting off toxic relationships. Releasing self-judgment. Body shame. Sexual shame. Owning your voice. Standing up for your needs. Creating healthy boundaries. Self-love is deep. I’m still learning it more and more everyday.

Perri’s new experience, PRESENCE, is all about coming home to yourself through the path authentic self-love. Not in the “everything needs to be good and nice” kind of way, more like “I will sit here with you through it all—good or bad”—something she admits has been one of the most challenging practices for her, and so a major focus of her own healing journey."

Alexandra Roxo, The Numinous

"What the world needs now is presence, sweet presence. My friend Perri Blake Gorman embodies this. She's a magnificent relationship coach and now she's shifting her focus to helping people develop something that is essential but that feels so elusive for most people: self-love...taking up more space and becoming who we already are...generating a sense of unconditional self-acceptance. Check out the trailer to her upcoming course for more details."

Nirmala N.

As seen on Facebook

"Find the way home to yourself! Perri is a no nonsense coach that fiercely holds the space for you to do the work to find that place in yourself you can call home to anchor your life on. This work is for people who are ready to be conscious and make some major changes in their life and take responsibility for where they have lost themselves. She is amazing, if you feel compelled to know more, contact her."

Stacey W.

As seen on Facebook

Praise from previous courses.....

"There are multiple layers of awakening and growth that happened during the Relationship Detox with Perri. She was able to to see past my own confusion and shine a precise light on my core issues, consequently causing all else that didn't serve me to melt away. She allowed no space for my own bullsh*t and compassionately guided me through the work that needed to be done for healing and awareness. Perri's relationship course allowed everyone to open up while skillfully keeping us on track with the program. Her coaching style feels like it comes from a space of acceptance, experience, and curiosity. I am very honored and feel joyed to have been able to receive coaching from Perri."

Francis S.

"...Perri guided and encouraged me through the process of peeling back the layers of my past relationships to give me the power to see the roles I played in my past relationships and highlight the places where I am repeating patterns that no longer serve me. And most of all she has given me the tools to learn how to improve the most important relationship - the one with myself.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to dramatically raise your level of self awareness around your current or future relationships."

Tami B.

"The Relationship Detox was, for me, more than just guidance or advice on specific subjects or themes in my life. It was the push I needed to cross the threshold into the higher level of truth in my life that I was desperately trying to find on my own. My favorite part about Perri's method is that it’s not only applicable to romantic relationships, but really any aspect of your life. 

Honestly, if I hadn’t taken this program I’d probably still be here lying to myself around the people I chose to date and the processes behind the decisions I make on a regular basis. It was through a friend that had previously taken her program that I’d found Perri and The School of Alchemy, and I consider meeting the both of them and eventually getting to this point one of the luckiest occurrences in my life to date. Do you want truth? Do you want honest growth? Do you want the tools to get out of that cycle you’re in? Take this program." 

Devin B.

"The Relationship Detox was an amazing course for me, and found me at exactly the right time. The coursework opened my eyes to so many patterns that i was unaware of, and new awareness gives me the opportunity to show up in a different way. Perri is a rockstar coach and course leader, and the community was so supportive. This was the best money I've spent all year, I got way more than I'd even hoped for. Thank you, Perri! Endless gratitude."

Tiffany N.

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